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Excerpt from
By Frank M. Weyer

Kristen didn't seem to hear him. She was staring up at the bottom of the bookshelf that was attached to the wall above the bed. "What are you hiding behind your bookshelf?" she asked.

"I'm not hiding anything," Mike said, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Kristen raised an arm, pointing. "Someone slipped a folded piece of paper between the back of the bookshelf and the wall," Kristen said.

Mike walked over to the bed and leaned over next to Kristen so he could see where she was pointing. Sure enough, from where Kristen had been lying, the corner of a folded piece of paper could be seen in the crack between the back of the bookshelf and the wall. He went over to his box of kitchen utensils that he kept on the wide window sill. He rummaged around for a kitchen knife, then went back to the bed. He knelt on the bed next to Kristen, who was now sitting up. He slid the knife up into the crack between the shelf, and slowly extracted a folded piece of newspaper. It was yellowed, brittle.

"What is it?" Kristen asked.

"It looks like an old piece of newspaper."

Mike sat down on the edge of the bed. Carefully he unfolded the piece of newspaper, and flattened it out on the bed, between himself and Kristen. They both looked at it curiously. It was the front page from an old Boston Post newspaper. The date said May 16, 1980. Their eyes were immediately drawn to the thick black letters across the top of the page.

"JOGGER BRUTALLY MURDERED IN RIVERSIDE PARK" the main headline said. "Headless Corpse Found Along Popular Charles River Jogging Track" the subheading added.

They looked at each other.

"Okay," Kristen said. "This is starting to get a little weird."


Copyright (c) 2010-2013 by Frank Michael Weyer
All rights reserved.